Happy Spring!

PRINTABLE 30-day Tracker

PRINTABLE 30-day Tracker

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This fun 2 page digital download is a great place to start tracking new habits! You’ll get one page that’s blank and two that are pre loaded with ideas for you. These ideas are things I practice in my own life for a happier and healthier brain. 

Ideas that you might want to track for a whole month (and beyond!) 
*Menstrual Health-moods, moon phase, symptoms, body temp, etc
*Brain Health-mood, connection, creativity, vitamins, walks, etc
*Physical Health- Blood Sugar levels, body temp, symptoms, meds, food intake, etc
*Combine them all! 

My Dad always says, “knowledge is power.” How can we fix what we don’t know is going on? 

I am not a doctor and I don’t promise to cure or fix anything but I do hope you enjoy!

**This is in digital download. You will not receive anything in the mail but look for my happy flower in your email inbox! Just click the link, download, print and enjoy. 

For personal use only. Send your friends to my shop so they can grab their own pages.