Happy Spring!

About Me!

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I started my painting hobby to get me out of a season of depression and I'm happy to report that this "creative therapy" was just what I needed! My life as a wife and mother is amazing but when I step into my painting studio I become my very own me...which somehow makes me a better wife and mom! 
    My favorite part of painting has two parts, first is feeling like Michelangelo when he was asked how he knew the David was finished he replied, when David had emerged. When I start painting things I can see it before it even hits the canvas! It's so exciting to me! The second part is how exciting it is when it's complete. I stare at it in admiration with squeals of excitement saying to everyone I see, "look how cute it is!!" If this is even a tiny taste of what it was like when God was creating us then it must have been super incredible to create the world!
    This form of therapy has it's own challenges.....suddenly my house was over run with happy creations.....which is great and all....but my hubby, my biggest cheerleader, encouraged me to first open a booth at a local gift shop and then when 2020 happened he encouraged me to open my very own online gift shop. I LOVE it here! I love to have an excuse to send happy mail to people "just because." I love when people order gifts for friends and I get to package it up and send it! I love the warm fuzzies I feel when I get notes of encouragement from you guys. 
    Thank you so much for being a part of spreading happiness! XOXO
           -Aunt Mae

    PS Raise your hand if you thought I was an 80 something year old with 47 cats? LOL. When someone who had purchased several things from my shop met me for the first time she said, "oh! You're not the old lady I pictured!" And yes....that brought me so much joy too!