Happy Spring!

Pure Happiness

Pure Happiness is when my little guy falls asleep in the car! 

Pure Happiness is when I get to lay in bed in silence with nothing to do.

Pure Happiness is finding joy in the little things in life. Open your eyes and see what that is today.

Let me introduce you to my "Pure Happiness" collection! When I started painting I was super good at mimicking other peoples designs, tweaking them and making them my own but I could never imagine painting something out of my imagination. Hubby kept encouraging me to "find my own style." I didn't even know where to start! During a very dark time in my life (read about it here) I found ME! I found my very own happy place! I found "my style." Many of my customers call my style "happy flowers" and I couldn't be happier with that name! In this collection you'll find all kinds of happy little flowers that hopefully will add a pop of happy to your life!

Count the things that make you happy today! May the list be very long!

Aunt Mae