Happy Spring!

Let's Get Organized!

It shouldn't be so hard to stay organized! At least if I have something cute it makes me feel more motivated to trying!! I have this pack printed and taped on my fridge and I use it just like you do....except maybe a little different....
I use the big 2-page spread calendar as a "look what we did" calendar! Everyday (or every couple days if I'm honest) I write something we did that day kinda like a small journal entry. "baby said a new word." or "crafted all day with cousins making dragon crafts" etc... I also keep track of our homeschooling adventures on it as well. At the end of the month I take it down, fold it in half, punch three holes in the side, and slip it right into my 3-ring binder as a "family history" entry of some kind. BOOM! Easy and done! 

BONUS! If you hate the question "what's for dinner?" I've got you covered! 30 day's of meal ideas READY. TO. GO! I even have the recipes on my pinterest so it's even easier for you! 

Find the joy!
Aunt Mae

PS it matches Wednesdays FREE wallpaper!