Happy Spring!

Learning to be Flexible!

My niece is 12 and has been learning and training to be able to do the splits. She does certain stretches everyday to help her get more flexible. Every time she comes over she shows me just how much farther she can go! She's pretty amazing! She's taught me some helpful for my life. 

1. Everyday everyday everyday! Keep going! Do something, even just little things add up to big results if they are done every day.

2. It's ok to show off your progress! I love the words, "Aunt Mae! Look how far I can go today!" I cheer her on and she keeps going. Maybe we could use a louder cheerleader section in our lives! Find the people who make you feel your best and let them cheer you on!

3. Sometimes it hurts a little! (and hurts a little to watch!) One time she was a little too excited to show me her skills and she slipped and went down a little further than she had planned! It looked painful, and she said it was, but she jumped up and said, "cool, now I know I can go a little further tomorrow!" It didn't keep her down, she just kept going. She has a goal in mind and nothing is going to stop her! 

So basically, keep going friends! You've got this! It's not pretty at first, it's a little painful, but you can do it! 

Have a happy day!